Our Responsibility

At Wedding Services KE, we take pride in offering comprehensive wedding planning services. While we are committed to excellence, we also believe it's essential to outline the scope of our responsibilities:

  1. Vendors and Suppliers: We collaborate with trusted vendors and suppliers but do not directly control their operations. Wedding Services KE is not responsible for any external party's performance or quality.
  2. Event Venues: While we help you select the perfect venue, the management and operations of these venues are beyond our control. We liaise with venues on your behalf but any issues should be directly addressed with the venue's management.
  3. Entertainment Services: Our role involves coordinating with entertainers and ensuring they fit your event theme. However, their performances are subject to their interpretation and execution.
  4. Catering Services: Catering services are outsourced to professional providers. Any concerns regarding food quality or service should be communicated to the caterers directly.
  5. Unforeseen Events: Wedding Services KE cannot be held liable for events beyond our control, such as weather conditions, unexpected vendor cancellations, or personal emergencies. We will, however, do our best to manage any such situations proactively.
  6. Contracts and Agreements: We facilitate contracts with vendors, but the terms are binding between you and the respective service provider.

In essence, Wedding Services KE functions as your dedicated planner, coordinating every detail to craft your perfect wedding day. While we work closely with reputable suppliers and vendors, we recommend reviewing all contracts and agreements and considering wedding insurance to ensure your peace of mind. Our mission is to provide you with a joyful and stress-free wedding experience.