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Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists in Mombasa Kenya (50+ MUAs)


Bridal Hair and Makeup Package

Starting From: KES. 10000.00

Our Bridal Hair and Makeup Package in Mombasa is a wedding service package that is designed to provide brides with a comprehensive beauty experience on their wedding day. This package combines professional makeup application and...

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Bridal Makeup Package

Starting From: KES. 8000.00

Bridal Makeup Package in Mombasa is tailored to ensure brides look radiant and feel their best on their wedding day. The bridal makeup services in Mombasa costs KSh. 8,000. This package focuses on delivering a...

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Wedding Nails Package

Starting From: KES. 1500.00

The wedding nails package is a wedding package that will ensure that your nails look flawless and elegant on your wedding day. This package includes a variety of nail services to suit your preferences, from...

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Top Vendors for Hair and Makeup in Mombasa

Makena Beauty

Welcome to Makena Beauty, where artistry meets passion in the heart of Kenya's vibrant wedding industry. Makena Beauty is a makeup company founded by the talented and enthusiastic makeup artist Makena. Our beauty service brings...

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Welcome to 254_ALLBEAUTY page. 254_AllBeauty is your premier freelance bridal makeup artist located in Rongai, Nairobi. Our mission is to enhance your natural beauty and ensure you look radiant on your special day.Our ExperienceWe have...

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Flossy Tee Beauty

Flossy Tee Beauty is a leading beauty service provider located in the heart of Mombasa, opposite the National Library at Splendid. We specialize in a wide array of beauty treatments and products, committed to enhancing...

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Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists in Mombasa Kenya (50+ MUAs)

Are you planning a wedding in Mombasa? Ensuring you look your best is essential, and a professional hair and makeup artist can make all the difference. Mombasa's unique coastal charm and vibrant culture provide a beautiful backdrop for weddings, but the hot and humid climate requires special attention to detail in your beauty preparations.

Why You Need a Hair and Makeup Artist in Mombasa

Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist in Mombasa ensures you get a flawless and long-lasting look tailored to the local climate. These experts understand the specific challenges posed by the humidity and heat, and they can provide styles and products that hold up throughout your celebration.

Moreover, they bring a wealth of experience working with diverse skin tones and hair types, ensuring every bride looks her best.

Hairstyles for Your Wedding in Mombasa

Mombasa offers a variety of stunning hairstyles for both brides and bridesmaids:

Bride Hairstyles:

  • Elegant updos: Perfect for combating humidity, updos keep hair secure and off the neck, ideal for beachside ceremonies.
  • Soft waves: Romantic and timeless, soft waves can be pinned with local flowers for a touch of natural beauty.
  • Braided styles: Braids add texture and interest while keeping hair in place despite coastal breezes.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles:

  • Half-up, half-down: A versatile style that looks great on everyone, keeping hair partly secured.
  • Simple buns: Easy to manage and elegant, simple buns can be adorned with matching accessories.
  • Bohemian braids: Casual yet chic, perfect for outdoor and beach weddings.

Makeup Styles You Can Get

Mombasa's makeup artists on Wedding Services KE offer a range of styles to suit every couple’s vision:

  • Natural beauty: Emphasizes your natural features with a fresh, dewy look perfect for beach weddings.
  • Glamorous makeup: Bold and dramatic with smokey eyes and vibrant lips, ideal for evening receptions.
  • Traditional elegance: Incorporates classic elements like winged eyeliner and red lips for a timeless look.
  • Henna designs: Incorporate intricate henna designs for a touch of cultural significance.

Makeup Ideas for Kenyan Brides in Mombasa:

  • Bold lips: Deep reds, plums, and wine shades create a dramatic, photogenic look.
  • Glowing skin: Emphasize hydration and use illuminating products for a radiant finish.
  • Waterproof products: Essential for lasting through hot, humid days and potential beachside ceremonies.

Costs and Pricing

Hiring a hair and makeup artist in Mombasa is a valuable investment in your wedding day look:

  • Hair and makeup package: Average of KES. 10,000 (can vary based on styles and additional services)
  • Bridal makeup only: Average of KES. 7,000
  • Glam makeup with lashes: Average of KES. 2,000
  • Glam makeup without lashes: Average of KES. 1,500

Steps to Contact and Book Hair and Makeup Artists Mombasa

Booking a hair and makeup artist in Mombasa is straightforward with Wedding Services KE:

  1. Visit the website: Go to Wedding Services KE and navigate to the hair and makeup section.
  2. Search for mombasa: Enter Mombasa as your location to find local artists.
  3. Browse packages: Review available packages, read reviews, check pricing, and examine the vendor’s experience.
  4. Contact the vendor: Reach out for a consultation to discuss your vision and preferences.
  5. Book the service: Confirm your booking with a deposit to secure your date.

Additional Tips

  • Bridal trials: Schedule trial sessions to experiment with styles and ensure everything photographs beautifully.
  • Weather-proofing: Discuss humidity-resistant products and techniques with your artist.
  • Swahili consultations: Consider using a Kiswahili speaker or translation app for better communication. Most of the vendors in Mombasa use Swahili as their primary language but most of them can also communicate in English.
  • Local flowers: Incorporate local flowers like frangipani or orchids into your hairstyle for a unique touch.

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